See how many items you can find and enter for a prize at the Festival.  (Bring your answers to the Registration Table in the Fun Zone!)

  • Take a photograph traveling on or off the ferry.
  • What name is shared by a famous boat and brewery in Gibsons?
  • Take a picture of a green transportation that is not a car.
  • Take a photograph of ‘Pier 17’.
  • Take a photograph with the word ‘Sechelt’ in the background.
  • How many EV’s can you get into one photo frame? (no panoramas)
  • Take a photograph of a great blue heron, art or living.
  • Take a photograph of a charging station.
  • How many Provincial Parks did you pass on your way to the event?
  • Visit the Porpoise Bay government dock and take a photo of your car with the water and float planes behind you.
  • What house number on Dolphin Street has solar arrays?
  • Take your photo with an EV.


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