Saturday, September 16th, 2017

Trail Bay Centre 5755 Cowrie Street – Sechelt

Interested in electric vehicles?  Considering an EV for your next car?

Join us on Saturday (September 16th) from 10 am to 3 pm, when Electric Vehicle owners from the Coast and the Lower Mainland will be gathering in Sechelt’s Trail Bay Centre parking lot for the Third Annual Sechelt Electric Vehicle Festival.

This year, our star attendee will be the newest EV – the Chevy Bolt.  Owners Buddy Boyd and Barb Hetherington recently returned from a Zero Waste trip across Canada in their new car.  Come to find out how much they spent on electricity on this big trip!

We’ll also have the very popular Nissan Leaf’s along with Kia Soul’s, Tesla’s (anyone with a Model X that can join us?), Mitsubishi MiEV’s, Ford Focus EV and more.

Families are welcome.  And with the Farmers Market and Wood Expo happening nearby, there will be something for everyone in Sechelt!

For our out of town visitors, the event will be held in the area surrounding Sechelt’s DC Fast Charger.  We also have several Level 2 chargers nearby.  (In fact, we have more EV chargers on the Sunshine Coast than gas stations!)

For EV owners, if you are planning on displaying your EV, please let us know, in advance.

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Many thanks to our supporters and volunteers: